Episode 143: Getting Clients with a Small Audience Following

Jun 26, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:


  • Uncover the pivotal role video marketing plays in getting more clients in your beauty business.
  • Forge strong connections and establish trust with your audience through compelling video content.
  • Delve into the secrets behind authentic and consistent video content that captivates viewers.



Are you looking for effective low-cost ways to reach more prospective clients? Do you want to establish a strong connection with your audience for more client sales? 

Look no further! Video marketing is the solution you need. Creating engaging content through video is one of the fastest ways to build trust with potential clients.  

And with video, you can convey your brand's personality and values, and authentically showcase your unique services. Plus, through video marketing, you can reach a wider audience to increase your brand's visibility. 


As a small beauty business owner, I know the challenges of creating engaging content that connects with your audience. That's why I am excited for the latest episode of Beauty Marketing Simplified, in which I'm sharing my secrets of building two six-figure businesses with a small social media following. Let's explore how video marketing can help you achieve your goal of building your beauty business with more client appointments and sales!


Topics Covered:


00:01:33 - The different ways to get brand Visibility,


00:07:58 - The most important type of content for building trust 


00:10:03 - The benefits of live videos.


00:17:12 - The three pillars of authority attraction


00:15:26 - The tips to building trust with video marketing


00:15:53 - Sharing your unique perspective to increase sales.


00:16:06 - Your business growth challenge 




Key Takeaways:


"It's not just any type of attraction. It's an authority attraction." - April Meese


"We're not just getting an audience to get an audience, right? We're not just trying to gather followers. This is not a popularity contest at all." - April Meese


"Reach does not equal revenue." - April Meese


"People want to hear about your solution and your unique perspective and that is what influences buyer behavior." - April Meese


"If they don't trust you and they don't see you as being different, as really having a unique solution to their problem, they're just going to price shop." - April Meese


“You have to build connection and trust before you can convert.” - April Meese


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