Episode 131: Increase your sales by being the specialist with Jena Cash

Mar 06, 2023


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Hear about how specializing creates a standout beauty business
  • Learn how to resist distractions and the "shiny object syndrome"
  • Evaluate when it is time to take on a new project for the next level of growth


As you know, having a standout beauty business requires more effort than simply opening up a shop. To ensure your services stand out in the beauty industry, you'll need to simplify, focus, and master certain aspects of the business. 


Simplifying your beauty business starts with removing distractions and focusing on your core specialty service. By doing this, you can focus on what you do best and put more energy into providing a better experience for your customers. You become the go-to expert in that field and this will help you stand out from the competition to build a loyal customer base. 


Focus is key to being the best and becoming a leader in your industry. It can be challenging to resist distractions. Here is an episode on how you can Increase your sales by being the specialist with Jena Cash, founder of the first eco-friendly lash brand.



Topics Covered:


01:20 - Introduction of Beauty Boss Jena Cash

5:46- Maximizing time during the slow season

07:17 - April's turning point in owning a business

8:49 - Jena's biggest struggles when starting her business

11:07 - The importance of mastering the foundation

13:39 - Selling reputation versus selling just a service

16:38 - Jena's specialty 

20:45 - One of the main traits of successful people

23:30 - Managing employees

27:03 - Resisting distractions of "shiny object syndrome"

34:01 - Know when is it time for the next level of growth for your business

41:25 - The easiest lightest path to success is to simplify things

45:50 - Final words of wisdom from Jena


Key Takeaways:


"I prefer to sell my reputation because if you're able to build a foundation you can sell your reputation. Other people will build your business for you and I think that's the biggest secret that was never thought of." - Jena Cash


"What do people want? What do people like? What do I keep hearing that they like? So often that we don't ask enough questions because lots of beauty professionals are asking "What do I need to do? What do I need to say?" Instead of focusing on the client, what they want and what they are saying." - April Meese


"Stop adding things to your plate if it doesn't benefit you in the end. Offer one (service). And then guess what happens? You're known for this, you're the IT girl that offers this particular thing, and everybody knows about you." - Jena Cash


"Another benefit of being a specialist or being known for something is you're able to charge more because you're the best. You're known for that, so you can charge more for that." - Jena Cash


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