Episode 129 - What it's like to grow a business with Carla Ricciardone

Feb 20, 2023



What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear Carla Ricciardone's experience-based wisdom of building a beauty business from the beginning to a million dollar business.
  • Discover the mindset and the focus that is required to grow into a recognized industry leader.
  • How to access your best use of time, and speak up for yourself.

Growing a business is not an easy job. There are plenty of obstacles, heartbreaks, and confusions, and even questioning yourself if you can even reach that goal.

This special episode of our show provides invaluable insight for those who are on their journey of building a beauty business. From the wisdom of Carla Ricciardone, based on her life experiences, you will learn how to gain confidence and credibility.

You will also hear about the focused mindset required and how it can be applied to your business.

Here's an episode about what it is like to grow your business with Carla Ricciardone, owner of Sculpted Studios.

Topics Covered:

1:14 - Carla Ricciardone's list of accomplishments

3:30 - Diving into the fundamentals of skills

7:00 - How Carla first started permanent make up

13:14 - Advanced training and the mindset to grow

15:43- Focusing your energy on one niche

17:43 - Looking at your overhead and financial numbers

20:18 - Staying authentic and honest in your marketing

26:35 - Be inquisitive and learn the deeper why

30:14 - Understanding the tools available

32:45- Make sure to get an experienced educator

34:24 - Her biggest teaching moment

40:03 - Failure is inevitable

41:20 - Know where your business is going to plan your exit strategy

43:00 - What's coming up for Carla

48:10 - How "A rising tide raises all ships" applied to her business

52:37 - Let's hear some good advice from Carla

Key takeaways:

"There is education out there and much more accessible than it used to be, so get that education and never think you're above it. It's not that it's beneath you, but it gives you a better chance." - Carla Ricciardone

"The strength comes from believing in your craft and believing in your skill set. You've got to take that training and that class to get you to the point where you feel like you can really dig in and learn a little bit for yourself. Learning is still a thing, so is research." - Carla Ricciardone


"Failure is inevitable, but you can find some beauty in there too and take advantage of that. Know that no one's business journey is perfect." - Carla Ricciardone

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