Episode 123: Confession - A very personal message (sensitive topic trigger warning)

Dec 09, 2022


Various past circumstances shape our present beliefs. Self-doubt can occur when we feel like we don't measure up. It is essential for business owners to figure out why we have these deeper beliefs so we can overcome them. Past trauma can trigger these emotions and cause us to lose faith in ourselves and struggle in our business. But there is no better way to step out of your comfort zone than to take the time for self-reflection and change them. 


This episode is much more personal than most of our past episodes, as I share my struggles and how I emerged from them over the years. [Trigger warning: mentions of abuse and eating disorders]


Topics covered:

00:40 - Reason behind the topic for this episode

01:40 - Addressing the "perfection myth" caused by social media

02:06 - How personal issues can affect our business

02:37 - Stepping out of your comfort zones

03:08 - Why inner healing is critical

04:00 - Suffering is universal

04:45 - April's traumatic experience (Trigger Warning)

06:06 - How April recovered and overcame the trauma

08:01 - Stages of acceptance

08:48 - Takeaways


What you will learn:

- How each of us has our moments of self-doubt and our self-worthiness is questioned

- Nothing (and no one) is perfect.

- Understand the connection between your past emotional experiences and your current actions in your business

- Addressing own trauma is challenging but doable one step at a time


Key Takeaways:

"I think everything that happens in our lives leads to how we show up in our business. One famous quote says, "How you're showing up in your business is a direct reflection of you." And I always ask my students to ask themselves, "Who am I being in my business right now that has led me to have the business that I have?"


"When we ask those hard questions, it can be uncomfortable, and we have to, as business owners, get outside of our comfort zones. And I will tell you that sharing what I'm going to share in this episode is extremely challenging for me. It's definitely outside of my comfort zone. But I thought it is important because, again nothing is perfect, but there are lessons in it."


"I also believe that when you do a vulnerable share, you should share from a scar, not from an open wound. Meaning, you should be healed and past it. If you're still going through it, it might be hard to talk about it."

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