Episode 121: The Beauty Industry Lies

Oct 24, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Know the industry myths that can affect your beauty business mindset and derail your focus.
  • Hear about the difference between passive and leveraged income and what's required for success.
  • Learn about the levels of market sophistication so that you can improve your messaging to stay relevant and attract more ideal clients. 


Every business will have struggles, and there's no such thing as always success without failures. So even though we think things are perfect for others from what we see on social media, there's more to the story behind the scenes for growing a beauty business. We can shed light on the truth when we expose these industry lies and myths and move forward with a positive mindset. This allows you to focus on your goals and enjoy the journey!

Here's an episode for you to know: The Industry Lies.


Topics Covered:

01:15 - Filtering reality

04:36 - The beauty business industry has a lower start-up barrier

09:41 - How these lies affect our thoughts, beliefs, and actions

10:48 - Comparisonitis Disease

13:07 - Understanding what's required for success

15:58 - Why you need to be constantly promoting your brand

17:17 - What is Leverage Income

21:30 - The different levels of support for growth

25:38 - Hiring help or contractors 

27:01 - Get connected to a community of support 


Key Takeaways:

"The real problem with these myths, industry lies, is that as beauty professionals, it makes us feel like we are behind." - April Meese


"The Passive Income lie promotes this idea that you don't have to work. It's the same thing as easy and fast." - April Meese


"If you feel like you're struggling in any way with your beauty business right now, it's normal. There are highs and lows. I've been there....Yes, I've had lots of success, but I'm still growing, and I'm still learning. And that is going to be messy and challenging, and that is the journey." -April Meese

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