Episode 120: 4 Mistakes to Avoid With Your Own Lash Product Line with Beauty Boss Michelle Rath

Sep 22, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the top 4 mistakes to avoid when starting your own lash product line
  • Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets that most beauty professionals are naive to and don't know about when buying products
  • Hear about the importance of product knowledge in operating your beauty business


When running a beauty business, there are ways to scale your income and leverage your time. One of the best ways to increase your income and brand prestige is with your own product line. As with any business endeavor, you can learn the hard way from your mistakes or succeed faster when you learn from others.

In this episode, Michelle Rath, CEO of Sinful Lashes, will share her knowledge and experiences to reveal the top mistakes to avoid when creating your retail product line. Michelle founded Sinful Lashes after a successful career as a Hollywood Stylist in the entertainment industry. In 2011 she wanted a change and took an eyelash extension course, and the love affair was born. Today, she is recognized as a leader in the lash industry and travels the world as a trainer, speaker, and judge. She was humbled to be included in the published books Secrets to Success, Lash Industry Influencers, and Lash Masters Volume 3

Based in Los Angeles, CA, she is an entrepreneur who now owns a 2,000 sq ft Lash Academy, Retail Store, and e-Commerce business that ships globally with a dedicated staff and a group of talented, certified trainers. Sinful Lashes Academy has trained over 5,000 students in the art of eyelash extension application and lash lift, and brow lamination. In addition, she researched, developed, and now manufactures a luxury line of lash extension supplies that is probably the most affordable in the industry. 

Michelle is also the owner/producer of The Hollywood Lash Conference, which boasts a star-studded lineup of Lash Masters and Educators from around the world. Recently she has added a second conference to her schedule, The Lash Pro Expo in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It is her desire and commitment to help other lash artists live the life of their dreams. With her guidance and advice, you'll have the right pathway to achieving your product line goals.



Topics Covered:

01:11 - Michelle's beauty business journey

03:16 - How to know the difference between a lash broker and a lash manufacturer

06:34 - Manufacturing standards

08:17 - Your brand: your reputation

09:02 - Misconception about lash broker

11:22 - Importance of product knowledge

16:13 - Michelle's experience with her chemist

18:53 - Underestimating your start-up cost

24:30 - Partnering with your favorite brand

28:30 - Branding your product

30:38 - Michelle reviews April as a business coaching 



Key Takeaways:

"It's not just price, they want to make sure that they have a great product. A lot of inexpensive lashes are inexpensive for a reason. They are not a great quality product." - Michelle Rath


"Your reputation is everything. You have to build a business on your reputation, and once that reputation goes down, it's very hard to repair it." - April Meese


"If you're looking for a long-term sustainable business, you have to start with quality. Your product has to be a high-quality product. Once you know that, it's much easier to kind of work down the line." - Michelle Rath


"If you have a product that doesn't work well, or you can even describe what this product does, what's the ideal humidity, there's so much. But you must be able to help your customer buy the right product for their environment or else they will not have their retention, and that is the glue that really holds our business together." - Michelle Rath


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