Episode 119: 3 Tips for Starting Your Own Product Line with Beauty Boss Mirka Pittnerova

Sep 08, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover how you can increase your income with your own product line.
  • Learn what to look for in a product line to scale your business. 
  • Hear lessons learned in growing a prosperous beauty business.


Mirka Pittnerova is the founder of "Beauty by Mirka," part of Celo Tan & Lash Ltd.

Mirka started as a beautician in 2010 when she opened her beauty salon in Windsor with her partner.

She is a guest speaker at global beauty events. She has won top lash artist awards year after year in competitions. She has been featured in many magazines, including the Lash Inc Italia magazine, in Lash-Ed magazine, OK magazine, and more.

Her online courses have been selling worldwide since the day she opened. Mirka is a published author; her books can be found online as eBooks and paperbacks.


Topics Covered:

01:16 - How did Mirka Pittnerova enter the beauty industry

03:26 - Her top advice for others

07:18 - What to do to stay relevant

13:30 - Tips on starting a product line

16:53 - How to manage product delays

18:04 - What brings her joy

23:08 - Her passion expressed


Key Takeaways:

"If you keep on updating with courses, if you keep educating yourself, you need to stay with the trend as well. Because you can be in the beauty industry for 20yrs, but if you keep doing the same thing that you did 20 yrs ago, you have completely old information." - Mirka Pittnerova


"Don't regret something that has already happened. The past is past. Now is your time. Just start something now." - Mirka Pittnerova


"There are different levels of business. At the beginning, you are just in the make money stage, and then as you start to grow, you are in managing stage. You are managing your business on a different level. You're hiring people. There are different parts to it. Then as you start to scale, now you're into multiplying your income. And so multiplying your income might look like a new stream of revenue, which could be with products or courses, teaching, that type of thing. And that is going to give you some leverage in your business." - April Meese


" If you have that all package together, the convenience, the time saving you just made it so much easier for your client. So don't think of it as selling them something more. Think of it as providing them with more extras." - April Meese


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