Episode 94: How to Maximize the Gift-Giving Holiday Season

Nov 14, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover ideas to put your holiday promotion together without giving discounts.
  • Find out what will get your audience to buy your services over other deals and do it quickly now. 
  • Learn about creative ways to think out of the box and be strategic in your action plans for the holiday specials.


As you know, the holidays are around the corner, which means we are entering the most significant consumer spending season.

Do you want to earn extra profits this 4th Quarter and holiday after holiday?

Are you already prepared with your holiday promotion action plan?

Or are you still stuck thinking of what to do and how to go about it?

In today's episode, April shares a system that you can rinse and repeat in all the holiday specials you will have year after year without discounting your services or products. At this time of the year, when people's wallets are wide open and they're predisposed to splurge a bit more, you don't want to miss it. Therefore, it is critical that your beauty business is ready to seize the opportunity and that you have a sales system you can implement time after time.


Topics Covered:

01:51 - How creating a holiday sales system will work for you repeatedly

02:57 - Statistics showing how sales are increasingly impacted yearly with Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials

04:35 - Maximizing people's peak spending time

07:16 - A strategy that has the highest conversion rate

09:06 - What you can do to achieve omnipresence on all platforms

09:35 - Converting cold vs. warm audiences

10:12 - Takeaway from April's personal story

14:23 - Creating urgency, scarcity, and an irresistible offer

15:05 - Segmenting your audience 

17:05 - Ways you can build up anticipation and excitement 

20:11 - Marketing and targeting strategies for different buyers

22:09 - Announcement for Early specials you won't want to miss


Key Takeaways:

"You need to have your landing page, at least the homepage optimized for mobile, meaning that the speed and loading time is quick. And your pictures are optimized and things like that because that's how people check out our business. They're on their phones. They're checking out what's happening." - April Meese

"I've had students that have actually applied what I teach them and made an extra $5k to $10,000 in just that weekend, just from extra sales, because they got people to get off the fence. They had a little bit of urgency. And they had a little scarcity. And they had a deadline, and it moved people to take action. And that's what you want." - April Meese

"Are you appealing to them to buy something for themselves? Or are you marketing it as a give a gift? Actually, I like a little bit of a combination of both, where you say, hey, buy a gift certificate, and I give you $25 gift certificates. Instead of giving a discount, you're giving a value add, and then you can use that $25 gift certificate for a friend. And you see how that's a win-win." - April Meese

"A cold audience usually needs more social proof. They need to see more testimonials. And usually video testimonials are going to be super powerful here." - April Meese

"Your warm audience, they already know you. They've seen some of your content. So this is going to be more before and after pictures. This is going to be probably like a catchy GIF, like an eye-catching animation." - April Meese




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