Episode 93: Creating a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Special

Nov 11, 2021



What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover the one marketing asset you can create that will help you get more buyers.
  • Find out how to get more sales by building anticipation for your holiday specials.
  • Learn how to build trust, create desire, and raise demand for your services and products. 


The biggest holiday shopping time of the year is fast approaching. 

Have you started planning any special deals or thought of how you can make the most of this customer spending season for your beauty business? 

How do you prepare a winning special offer worth the effort in financial returns for your business? 

Are you curious about a top-level marketing strategy to earn extra income for this coming Black Friday Special or any other special offers you will be having? 

April reveals some of her tips about creating a holiday promotion for your customers in today's episode. She explains how special offers don't have to be a discount, but instead the importance of designing an offer that is a higher value for the clients. She walks us through the steps of building buzz and anticipation in your customers' minds, as well as creating brand assets you can repeatedly use all year long for any holiday.


Topics Covered: 

01:30 - Crafting a Black Friday special

02:49 - The importance of having a Holiday special promotion

06:27 - The must-have marketing assets for a Black Friday special or any holiday offer

07:37 - An exclusive announcement for our upcoming workshop you won't want to miss

08:42 - Applying smart marketing to your business to save time

14:07 - Putting together a planned sequence

16:06 - Three ways to warm up your audience

18:36 - What you should do next after the three steps

21:45 - A recap of some tips 

25:36 - What you should do on the final deadline day 

27:44 - A quick overview


Key Takeaways: 

"A lot of people know that this is the time to buy. And so their wallets are open, they're more ready to buy, they feel like they're in a buying mood, they're in a spending mood. And it's not always on other people. Sometimes it's just buying a gift for themselves." - April Meese 

"When you hear specials, people always think of... that means discounts. It doesn't always mean a discount. There are ways of adding value. There are ways of partnering with other people to make it seem like a better deal than what you normally have." - April Meese 

"Marketing is about educating our clients, building trust, and building connections with our audience. And then it's about selling our services. But we have to do those other things first; we have to build that trust, build that connection." - April Meese 

"Building up buzz and anticipation starts early, so people are more eager to buy when you've created that buzz and that in anticipation, they want to be one of the first to be in the know, they want to be one of the first to get the special." - April Meese 

"These three emails, once you've created them, these are now brand assets. This is something that you are investing your time in, that you can use over and over again, and you could use these three emails in a warm-up sequence that has nothing to do with a holiday special." - April Meese


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