Episode 91: Denise Baldwin--Elevate Student Journey & Success Story

Oct 12, 2021


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Find out what kind of community, learning, and teaching methods you can look forward to inside the Elevate Your Beauty Business Program.
  • Discover what significant impact the Elevate Program has had on Denise's personal life and career that she couldn't begin to imagine for herself before the program.
  • Hear about the life-changing transformation EYBB Program made in the way she looks at her business.
  • Learn about the continued big wins she keeps having after finishing the Elevate program.


Are you a "one-woman show" juggling everything all by yourself but not growing your beauty business? 

Do you keep spinning your wheels, and feel like nothing seems to work? 

Are you a beauty professional or artist who's stuck and doesn't know what to do next? 

Do you want to belong to a community of like-minded individuals who share success strategies, and support everyone to do what's best for their beauty business? 

Do you want a proven and repeatable system to attract clients and continually grow your beauty business? 

Our guest for today's episode, Denise Baldwin, a PMU microblading artist, shares an insider's first-hand experience about the struggles of starting a beauty business.  Listen to her speak of how she took a leap of faith in joining the Elevate Your Beauty Business Program despite her hesitations. She tells why the mentorship was worth it's weight in gold. Plus, added to the business coaching, is the nurturing Elevate community where she found nice friendships. Best of all, she found a way to network and partner with influencers, so that she's not working as hard as she used to but growing her business so much more. She then talks about building confidence, and believing you can do it -- those are some of her big wins. 


Topics Covered:  

01:33 - What got her into the beauty industry, particularly in the permanent beauty industry?

03:15 - How was it like as a one-woman show before the Elevate Program

05:06 - Doubts she had to face about joining the Elevate Program

09:38 - The amazing things she found inside the Elevate Community

11:32 - Talking about the kind of support she gets from the program

12:48 - Teaching and learning methods you can expect from Elevate

13:41 - The lasting impact Elevate Program has on Denise's personal life and business

17:55 - What touched her the most about April's way of putting out her message

21:23 - Why not me?

22:16 - One big win for Denise

24:06 - What she tells those who still have doubts about joining the Elevate Program

26:19 - The things she excitedly looks forward to doing next year

27:44 - Her source of joy

28:20 - Tips you can consider in growing your business


Key Takeaways: 

"I loved the Facebook group being able to do FB live online. That's a big fear; you're thinking you're going to be judged, what do I look like? Am I going to stutter? And you know, we have the opportunity to do that in that group and get feedback that hones in feeling better about ourselves, which will build us up." - Denise Baldwin  

"With the Elevate Program, I liked the psychological part of it. A big aha moment for me was pricing. It's pretty legit; that's how our minds think. So it's a good implementation into your business and pricing structure if you're stuck or you don't know what to do."- Denise Baldwin  

"Straight out of the box, I didn't want to sound too woo woo but I mean, how the whole getting out of your way and really trying to do it. April's support and clubhouse and those words that she says and then all the support that she has with her being so you don't feel you're up here, and we're down here." - Denise Baldwin 

"I used to hang on every word during COVID. I would listen to your[April] podcast, and I was like, just getting really motivated in an unmotivated time. That's what I liked, because I'm like, okay, Denise, keep going, keep going. And that's what touches us. It's not like you're out there to just sell a course. I never felt that way about you. You genuinely want to help. And that's a biggie." - Denise Baldwin 

"If it wasn't for Elevate, not just that you learn. It's the other side, which is the confidence and the building of knowing you can do it. And it's not just those words, because everybody says that you can do it, keep going. That's great. You need something else, especially right now, so hard. There are so many artists, there's so much comparison, it's incredibly ridiculous. So with just having that nice little feeling of what you have to offer, and now the friendships that I've made with these other women is amazing." - Denise Baldwin


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