Episode 90: Critical lessons from the Lioness

Oct 07, 2021


Why you have to check out today's podcast:

  • Find out essential lessons in successfully running your beauty business from a lion's story of being the king of the jungle. 
  • Learn what backup client attraction strategies you need to have in place, just in case your social media breaks down.
  • Hear about the one necessary tool that you must keep running to have a sustainable beauty business  


Do you feel like you're defeated or sometimes losing confidence? 

Are you comparing your work and your business with others? 

Do you wish your business was bigger, you were moving faster, or that your skills were better?

Are self-doubt and fear holding you back from your full potential in your beauty business?

This episode highlights the qualities of a lion & lioness that you should adopt to improve your beauty business. The lion may not be the smartest, fastest, or biggest, but he is still considered the king of them all. You may be feeling the same way in your beauty business; however, you can look to the lion for inspiration on the qualities to possess so that you can rise to the top. So let's work on our weaknesses, be bold, and take action. Most importantly, look deep into your 'why,' and that will see you through. 


Topics Covered:

01:01 - Being at the top

02:30 - Overview of how we can learn from nature

10:23 - The primary qualities you need to succeed in your beauty business

11:17 - Tapping into your deepest why

12:02 - What it means to have that certainty

13:46 - Surviving and thriving in your beauty business

15:03 - Why you should stop second guessing yourself

15:54 - The ripple effect when you step up and take that leap of faith

18:31 - Putting out positivity and letting that law of attraction work for you


Key Takeaways:

"If you look at it, the lion is not the biggest; that's the elephant. It's not the fastest; that's a cheetah, it's not the smartest. But it is the king of the jungle. And I think this comes down to mentality, like the way the lion thinks." - April Meese 

"Social media is great, but not as your only way of getting clients. You have to have a backup strategy. If social media completely went down, my business would be fine. And I want the same for you, too. That's why we teach referral partners and those power partners because like the lion, there's power in numbers." - April Meese

"Lions work in groups. They work in packs because there is power in numbers. When you can team up with other like-minded businesses, all for similar goals that benefit everyone, that is where you're really going to leverage your time." - April Meese

"The lion likes to hunt in a storm because their prey actually won't hear them coming on. And that's so interesting. Instead of thinking of it as your prey, think of it as your competition. What are they doing where they might be distracted and wasting time, and there's a time that you can really make the most of it. And really give it your all, instead of halfway going through it." - April Meese

"If you're feeling like, I'm not who I am; I'm not the biggest, I'm not the smartest, again, tap into that courage to be brave to reach out to your tribe. I know that you're also going to need some tools. It's going to take your faith and your mentality. It's going to take your action and your courage, and it's going to take some tools, some systems to help get you there and go after it." - April Meese



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