Episode 86: How to Start a Movement and Leave a Legacy

Aug 13, 2021


What you will learn from this episode:

  • How to create a significant movement even when you feel like all the odds are against you.
  • Find out how you can empower others to join you with collaborative action that champions a cause beyond yourself.
  • Learn to stand your ground even when others try to dissuade you from making things happen.


It's easy to go along with the flow and ultimately give up when faced with seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Taking a stand on an issue or standing up against "a giant" is never easy. There will be moments of doubt and maybe fear. Even with the best intentions, others may dampen your spirits and try to dissuade you from pushing through. 

But when you fight for something beyond yourself and honestly believe you can create a significant difference in the lives of others, then you must find a way to champion the cause.

Even amidst the threat of imprisonment, Vicky Martin remains steadfast in her desire for change. She has started a bit of a revolution against social media in a campaign that would change the lives of cancer survivors and fellow beauty artists. 

In this episode, she shares all of the behind-the-scenes of how it got started, as well as the organization of the community, and right down to the planning the media coverage.   


"I had to shut off, to be honest, because I think you have to be careful when you have something that's a little bit outside of the box because the people that you talk to about it will try to talk you out of it. And then you have not fulfilled your calling."

- Vicky Martin


Topics Covered:

02:19 - The backstory of championing a cause 

05:24 - How Vicky resisted the negative input from others 

07:05 - The extra steps to create a visual impact 

10:01 - The core mission of 'The World Medical Artists' 

14:38 - What this campaign is all about

15:45 - Who this movement will help

16:39 - Details on how you can participate 

18:13 - Other ways you can support a great cause 

23:19 - Final thoughts


Key Takeaways:

"I say this all the time; the nipples are the areas of medals from the war. And those medals need to be beautiful; they deserve them to be perfect. And that's what I want to create is a safe place for people to go to that not only will it help artists be found, but also help women trust the world medical artists, that it's a good standard." - Vicky Martin

"We have such a beautiful group of strong people that we're all in it together. Honestly, we're all moving along. And every little detail has been thought of. We've created a press release. We've created what you write on the email so that you can send it to your local radio, to everything else. Just make the world know that we have a voice and we will be heard." - Vicky Martin 

"It's just so nice when you just stand up for yourself and in a very classy sophisticated way." - Vicky Martin

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