Episode 84: Facebook/Instagram Ads versus Google Ads with Hayley Johnston

Jul 26, 2021


What you'll learn from this episode:

  • Find out how Facebook ads differ from Google ads.
  • Hear the advantages of using each advertising platform to know which is best to achieve your beauty business goals.
  • Learn how to create and then optimize your ad to target ideal clients who will purchase or book an appointment.


Hayley Johnston runs an agency called Piper & Co Digital, a full-service digital agency based in Sydney, Australia – serving people and brands worldwide.

The agency was born out of a passion for marketing and lifestyle. They work hard. And play harder. They believe great work comes from diversity of every kind and that diversity breeds creativity. With team members from various locations worldwide, they have diversified experts with proven and stellar results time after time. 

They do everything from Facebook advertising to Google advertising, social media content creation, web design, funnels, basically anything digital you can think about.

In this interview, Hayley talks about choosing between Facebook ads and Google ads and the best one for your beauty business. These are the two dominant advertising platforms, so learning how to make the most of them will surely be an excellent investment for your business.

Hayley shares with us how Google advertising differs from Facebook advertising and the advantages of each platform. You'll be better informed on which one to choose after taking into account the goals for your beauty business. 

Plus, if you are new in your beauty business, have a tight budget, or are just confused, Hayley gives sound advice on where to start and she helps you decide where to spend your advertising budget. 


"I like both Facebook ads and Google ads. They both are amazing powerhouse platforms. And they work in a complimentary way. I don't think they work as competitors at all, utilizing paid search and utilizing paid social together. I feel like that's a highly effective, highly holistic marketing strategy that can have a major return on investment impact for your business."  

- Hayley Johnston


Topics Covered:

04:08 - Defining a Google ad and a Facebook ad

05:24 - The marketing purpose of Facebook and Google ads 

06:02 - Understanding a marketing funnel for your client acquisition

07:49 - The core function of Google ads

09:30 - Discussing formats and add-on options with Google Ads

11:07 - The best ad format to start with and the combination to use for an advantage

12:55 - Can you use a client's photo for Google ads?

13:17 - Why the Google ads work well in selling your beauty services

13:46 - The three-step system that Google is operating on 

16:56 - Facebook ads and the best way to advertise with these ads?

18:06 - Advantages of Google ad versus Facebook ad

21:50 - What should you pick, Google ad or Facebook ad

23:57 - Implications of the IOS changes 

24:45 -The elements of a juicy offer that compels the client to book

29:13 - Focusing on client retention instead of just new customers

30:33 - Which platform to do the ads on if one is starting?

33:36 - Action steps to take with your landing page and how to track conversion, so you gain traction on Facebook?

35:03 - The other essential components you need to know about Facebook and Google advertising


Key Takeaways:

"When I think about Facebook advertising, I think more about brand building, building awareness about who I am to an audience that doesn't know me yet growing my audience and also making sales." - Hayley Johnston

"Facebook ad advantage -- they've got powerful audience targeting. I've never seen targeting like Facebook before. It is highly, highly granular. You can do interest-based targeting. You can do geo-targeting based on location, very detailed targeting. You can target different interests, gender, and different demographics?."  - Hayley Johnston

"There are nearly 2.5 billion active users on Facebook worldwide daily. That's a huge amount of reach. Obviously, you need a massive, massive budget on Facebook if you're trying to reach a huge audience, but geo-targeted audiences don't need that large amount of reach because you're trying to target a small portion close to where your business resides on Facebook."  - Hayley Johnston

"What I love about the display ads and images that you can use is that, with Facebook, you can't use before and after, but with Google, you actually can. That's a bit of a positive difference between both platforms because 'before and after' works well in selling your service or product."  - Hayley Johnston

"Google ads is intent purchasing, someone is searching for you, or your service actively on Google. It's keyword targeted. There's that huge potential reach. Seventy-five thousand search keywords per second are insane. The reach is unbelievable."  - Hayley Johnston

"What I really like about Google ads is, you can go make competitor search bids. So if you have a competitor taking a lot of your target audience, for example, you can use your competitor's name in your Google ads campaign. And when somebody types in your competitor name, you can come up." - Hayley Johnston

"If you're building your brand awareness and compiling a strong audience, that's your main KPI. Then Facebook will get you there. And probably at a bit of a lower cost than Google because it's not really that conversion; it's brand awareness."  - Hayley Johnston

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