Episode 116: The 3 pieces of beauty business advice I wish I knew soon

Aug 04, 2022

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • A perspective shift to help beauty bosses reach their goals faster
  • Find out how your marketing must evolve for you to stay relevant
  • What holds most beauty professionals back from the success they want (hint: it isn't talent, skills, or marketing)


Wisdom comes from various life experiences and embracing different perspectives.

Building a beauty business is a process, and learning from the knowledge of others is recommended along your journey. Since starting a new business can be very challenging, I've had to re-learn some life and business lessons while managing my expectations.

In this episode, I share 3 pieces of beauty business advice I wish I had known sooner. I'd love to hear any lessons or words of wisdom you have to share if you want to reach out and message me on Instagram or Facebook.


Topics Covered:

01:05 - Is it bad or beneficial?

01:52 – Different perspectives in business

02:05 – Relationships lead to revenue

02:48 – Evolving your marketing

04:01 – When to start a new goal or project 

04:45 – Hiring a team member or virtual assistant

05:10 - Avoid this trap

06:26 – Working on your mindset

06:49 – Beauty bosses with "Impostor Syndrome"



"Your marketing must evolve for you to stay relevant. As you know, marketing will always be as important as skills. So being seen and knowing how to convey your value, which is how to articulate how you are different from your competition, and why your client should choose you, is essential." – April Meese


"You do need to slow down a little bit to train them in order to speed up in the long run. But I definitely think that you can get a lot more done and go faster when you have an assistant or a teammate." – April Meese


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