Episode 114: Harnessing the Power of Social Selling with Sheila Bella

Jun 02, 2022

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Learn how to sell online and prequalify your prospective clients. 
  • Find out how to start the sales conversation without seeming pushy.
  • Hear about the mistakes people make when direct messaging (DMs) prospects. 


Have you ever had a bad experience with a pushy salesperson?  

Do you worry about feeling "salesy" when talking about your services to prospects on social media? 

Are you ready to turn more of your social media followers into buyers? 

Would you like to know the tips and best practices for social selling so you don't leave money on the table? 

Beyond selling, how do you have meaningful interactions and engagement with prospects that position your services or product as a solution to their problem? 

In this episode, Sheila Bella shows you how to treat social selling the same way you would treat selling your services in person. When you remember that a prospect is a real person, you can talk the way you usually would with sincerity and genuine intent, rather than a purely transactional one. This is how you build connections and long-term relationships with your audience of prospective clients. 

Sheila Bella is a PMU artist & success coach with the two businesses Sheila Bella Permanent Makeup & Pretty Rich Bosses online academy. She is the host of PRETTY RICH PODCAST and the President of the American Academy Of Micropigmentation. In addition, she is a speaker, social media marketing strategist, wife & #boymom.


Topics Covered:

03:31 - The challenges of selling your services on social media

04:12 - False beliefs about social selling 

06:50 - How to have a positive sales experience

08:00 - Approaching social selling the right way

09:45 - How to start a conversation online and build rapport

11:45 - Where are the warmest prospects to respond to first 

13:13 - Priming your social media followers to become potential clients

15:41 - Mistakes people make when direct messaging (DMs) 

17:24 - The best way to deal with people asking for pricing through DMs

20:05 - Non-salesy way of following up

21:55 - A system to get clients booked for service appointments

23:10 - Frequency for follow up and setting up a deadline

24:38 - Managing and organizing your client relations (CRM)

27:05 - Final words from Sheila

Key Takeaways:

"Social media is very human. The internet isn't going anywhere because it's very human. It just speeds things up. It doesn't do anything different to us; it just reveals who we are. When it comes to social selling in general, I think sales is a loving act, especially if you feel confident and you're solid in your feelings that you have a solution to somebody's problem. People want to be sold to." - Sheila Bella

"You need to look at your social media like you're walking into a cocktail party. And you sell as if you were at a cocktail party, approaching social media sales the way you would in real life." - Sheila Bella

"I think a huge mistake is giving people the price right away. First of all, you're not giving yourself an opportunity to prequalify that client. How do you even know if they're a good candidate for microblading? How do you even know they have any allergies? Or if they're pregnant or nursing right now? And also, I think what ends up happening is that you get people in your chair, who aren't very discerning, who are just price shopping." - Sheila Bella

"Don't just say, hey, I'm just following up with you about our conversation. Why don't You follow up with something personal, watch their stories, or maybe comment on their latest post, show that you're genuine, show that you're not just in it for the sale, that you're actually interested in connection and building long-lasting relationships with your clients." - Sheila Bella 

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