Episode 110: Beauty Boss Series Interview on Lessons in Life and Business with Paula McDonald

Apr 14, 2022

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about how to turn work into play and keep the fun.
  • Learn the low to no-cost client-generation strategies to grow your beauty business that Paula used in her business.
  • Uncover how to scale your business with a team member, keeping you in your genius zone.  

Are you having doubts about yourself and still scared to try new things?

Are you ready to drive out your fears and open up yourself to greater possibilities of scaling your business?

Paula McDonald is an award-winning permanent makeup artist and a master trainer for plasma. She is also the owner of Dermica Beauty.

In this episode, Paula tells how she got started in the PMU industry by acquiring an apprenticeship after being a client. This unique experience and her art background helped her start and grow her own beauty business. As her company continues to evolve, she is proud of what she has today.

You'll hear her talk about how not every day is sunshine and rainbows, but how to deal with the challenges and the importance of letting your creative juices flow. When you find the fun in the art of your skill, you will constantly get better results for your clients. 

Paula also talks about knowing when to get help by hiring team members so that you can stay focused and shine in your skills for tremendous business success.


Topics Covered:

02:09 - Paula's start and journey in the PMU industry 

05:03 - A philosophy she lives by that contributes to her success

05:35 - Overcoming struggles and doubts while growing her business

07:22 - Making challenges your building blocks to success

09:33 - Opening herself to possibilities and seeing beautiful results

11:47 - Her thoughts on perfectionism 

12:44 - Encouraging words for newbie PMU artists

15:00 - Generating client leads

17:04 - Brilliant ideas to grow your beauty business

21:03 - Favorite tools she uses a lot

23:57 - Great advice to keep you evolving with time and new trends

25:47 - Encouraging parting words from Paula


Key Takeaways:

"I try very hard to be very real because much of the stuff online is so misleading; it's all very tailored, edited photos, the best of 100 clients. And people learn more from just seeing our regular clients, normal people. And to remember that we all have those clients, and they're our bread and butter. Let's embrace them, and show them on social media." - Paula McDonald

"The building blocks to make you a great artist are having those really bad times; you'll learn so much from that. If you jump in and everything is perfect, you gain ego and complacency. And that's not ideal for anyone." - Paula McDonald

 "I think the biggest lesson I've learned is, don't always think that the only thing that you were taught is the only thing that you can do. It's okay to branch out. It's okay to try other things." - Paula McDonald

"Never give in to fear; don't let that be the reason not to do something." - Paula McDonald

"Don't be afraid of change. I think change is ever-evolving. And we have to evolve with it." - Paula McDonald

"I never stopped drawing and never stopped doodling to see if I could get better results. Just keep on playing. Just keep trying new stuff. It's fun." - Paula McDonald

"Clients engage if you give them something to talk about; if you tell them why they need something, they talk to you, which helps massively." - Paula McDonald

"Always practice. Never think that you know everything. Your skills will become obsolete." - Paula McDonald

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