Episode 108 Optimize Blogs and Vlogs for Brand Awareness with Jamie Stone

Apr 02, 2022

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about how a blog/vlog can bring you more clients and how you can stay consistent with your blog.
  • Find out how to create a unique voice for your brand and get new prospective clients to seek you out.
  • Learn how to get your blog or any content you create to rank higher in Google searches.


Do you want to be known as an expert in your area?

Do you have insights to share about your services and industry that could increase brand awareness but haven't let others know about it?

Do you want brilliant ideas for promoting your blog to grow your business?

My guest, Jamie Stone, is a Former beauty publicist/social media expert, turned blogger, and now a podcaster. 

After years of working on the PR and marketing side of the beauty industry, she took her insider knowledge and started HonestlyJamie.com, where she uses her former background to decipher between which products really work and what's just marketing magic. 

In addition to being Founder/Editor of HonestlyJamie.com, Jamie contributes to TODAY.com, HelloGiggles.com, and ghostwrites for several celebrities.

For today's episode, Jamie shares how she got started in blogging. In addition, she is dishing out lessons learned for staying consistent with creating and promoting blog content, finding a unique voice to stand out from competitors, and doubling down on the importance of branding to build a solid online presence for your beauty business.

Topics Covered:

02:54 - Her journey in the beauty industry and how her background in PR & marketing helped her get into blogging

04:28 - The future of blogging

07:21 - Tip for ranking near the top in Google searches

09:05 - Second tip [often undervalued] for promoting your blog 

12:56 - Important advice for staying consistent with blogging

16:35 - Ways of telling people about your blog to get noticed

18:30 - The often overlooked part of creating content 

19:18 - Ideas for using Pinterest to promote your blog

20:08 - Something vital that you must think about to grow your beauty business

21:25 - Announcement for the contest and giveaways

Key Takeaways:

"It really helps being kind of an early adopter to that blogging world, obviously making contacts and connections and just kind of establishing credibility." - Jamie Stone

"I think investing in SEO is definitely a good tip. I think that is the kind of thing where if you don't have a million followers on Instagram, that helps you get known and seen just from organic search." - Jamie Stone

"Actually, a good tip, too, is that many people feel like, oh, if I'm not constantly updating this, I should just delete it altogether. It's like, well, if the content is good, you should just leave it there. It's not gonna do any harm." - Jamie Stone

"Exclusive content is always a good idea to get people to subscribe to say, if you subscribe to my email newsletter, I'll give you five of my favorites, whatever it is. Things like that really help promote the blog post with email." - Jamie Stone

"I've noticed a lot of bloggers are not posting their content on Twitter anymore. And I think it's a huge myth. If you have a Twitter account, you should be posting there. It takes two seconds. It's not hurting anybody." - Jamie Stone


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