Episode 106: The Importance of Mentors and Relationships with Victoria Racca

Mar 20, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Find out how a mentor can help you clarify your goals, be consistent, and hold you accountable for success.
  • Hear how you can open your mind to more impactful possibilities and uplevel your beauty business dreams. 
  • Learn how to create connections, partnerships, and collaborations for your business' growth.


Have you thought about hiring a mentor to help guide you and your business to the next level?

Are you nervous about investing in your business or yourself?

Do you find it challenging to connect with people for possible partnerships and collaborations?


Victoria Racca, a.k.a Victoria Glam, owns the Microblading Institute in Louisiana, with affiliates in Texas and Florida. She also owns brow sister PMU products, and they manufacture pink gel, the new anesthetic.

In today's episode, Victoria shares her inspirational journey of investing in mentorship that allowed her company to grow from what it used to earn to way more than she could've ever dreamed of before. Additionally, she discusses the importance of having strategic relationships for expanding your business. Finally, she gives excellent advice from the lessons learned by owning multiple successful companies and earning well over multi-5 figures monthly.


Topics Covered:

03:20 - How Victoria started her PMU business

04:35 - What it looks like for her juggling multiple businesses

07:56 - Significant relationships that were crucial to her business' progress

13:26 - Hitting your goals with the help of mentors

15:24 - Important considerations for choosing a mentor, especially in the PMU industry

18:00 - Her huge realization and the big breakthrough

23:47 - Big reason for venturing into the education side of PMU business 

27:47 - Key factors to keep in mind in relationship building

28:28 - Abundance versus scarcity mindset

29:29 - The legacy she wants to leave behind

31:04 - Very inspiring words from Victoria about finding mentors

32:04 - Her greatest joy that keeps her going


Key Takeaways:

"Finding people to hire? I just listen. It's about relationships. It's not about where you meet them. It's about what kind of person they are. Strike gold; it doesn't matter where it came from." - Victoria Racca

"The bigger your dreams get, the bigger your problems get, too. But because of that, you have to open your mind." - Victoria Racca

"I think a lot of times, it's very chicken or the egg, why beauty bosses don't get mentors. Like, I don't have any money to invest in that. Well, of course, you're not leveling up your business. That's kind of the point." - Victoria Racca

"Would you want to be friends with you?... In general, a great rule of thumb is, if you treat people the way that you want to be treated, most of them will treat you the exact same way." - Victoria Racca

"For a mentor, find someone who aligns with not just your personality, not just your business, but actually truly speaks to your language itself. Communication is so important.” - Victoria Racca


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