Episode 104: Self-Awareness & Discipline for Success with Beauty Boss Jody Stoski

Feb 18, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Discover the best way to guard yourself against negativity and instead focus your energy on growing your beauty business.
  • Hear how extreme self-awareness can help take your business to a new level.
  • Learn how specializing skills create a loyal client base for your beauty business' success rather than offering generic services.


Do you want people flocking to you and creating buzz for your services with constant referrals?

Do you want to become an industry leader and create a loyal client base?

With popularity comes haters, so how do you create a buffer from the negativity and remain undaunted from all the criticisms thrown at you?

Are you ready to find out how to become self-aware so that you can become a stronger beauty business owner?

Jody Stoski is an AAM Certified artist with over 15 tattoo and makeup artistry course certifications and over 13 years of experience in the cosmetic and paramedical tattoo industry. After identifying an under-served community of clients, and a gap in paramedical training available, Jody created her online academy courses to help PMU artists learn new skills, grow their businesses, and facilitate healing across the globe. 

She has worked with doctors, surgeons, cancer survivors, self-harm survivors, burn victims, and everyday men and women, treating over 10,000 clients to date.


In this episode, Jody shares how she grew exponentially by being a skilled specialist rather than a generalist in her business.

She shares how to value your skills with your prices, and she discusses how to get people to notice you even when you are just beginning.

You'll hear how she uses social media for her marketing brand awareness.

She has excellent advice on not letting all the pessimism affect you and other helpful insights for success in your beauty business.

Topics Covered:

02:03 - Naming your business for unique branding

05:27 - Ultimate benefit of specializing and niching down

07:06 - Charging models when you're first just starting out

09:51 - Mindset and lifestyle of an entrepreneur

11:40 - Best tips for awareness and acquiring clients

14:04 - How Jody handles struggles in her business.

17:44 - Dealing with trolls and negative comments on social media

19:49 - How to split your focus with two lucrative businesses 

21:24 - Differentiating an online versus a brick and mortar business

23:58 - What she wished she'd known before & what she knows now

24:08 - Managing your expectations 

25:42 - Exciting things in store for her business in the coming months

27:24 - The reason for joy in her life


Key Takeaways:

"You just muddy the waters, you dilute everything, you dilute your expertise when you've got a million things to offer, people are overwhelmed. They don't know what to see you for." - Jody Stoski

"Being committed is one of the biggest reasons people have success." - Jody Stoski

"It's getting thicker skin and just realizing a lot of times the people who are directing negativity at you are; they're just in such a bad place themselves, that's why they do those types of things. One of the things that I think is super helpful is that I don't read many comments anymore. I'm fortunate now to have people help me with my social media."- Jody Stoski

"The underlying principles [online and brick and mortar business], people want to be respected, they want to know you care, that you're sincere, and I'm there for the right reasons, I want to educate them, give them as much of my knowledge as I can. Whether I'm trying to do the best tattoo I can, versus giving them the best version of myself educating them, I think those are just synonymous across the board." - Jody Stoski

"I think my best advice is to commit to something 100%. I think goal setting is so important. And don't try to be the jack of all trades. I think some people do think that that is a great thing. I just think, for this industry, you need to be laser-focused and go for your dreams. Go for your goals; set high dreams for yourself and just go for it." - Jody Stoski

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