Are You Ready To Be Seen, Enhance Your Credibility, And Attract New Clients with Media Publicity?

Why Publicity?

You already know that you need to get in front of more leads if you want to grow your business faster

As a beauty professional, you know there are a bazillion ways you can promote your services and share your message. 

Most of these tactics take lots of time, energy, and money (sometimes lots and lots of money).

So, how do you choose the right way to promote your business?

Getting publicity means the opportunity to share your work with thousands (maybe even millions) of people. 

It also means getting endorsed by recognizable people that others trust.

Prospective clients will be eager to purchase your services because you are clearly positioned as the go-to professional.

Not to mention, you will be able to charge premium prices! After all, if you tell someone "I was featured on the local morning show" or "I'm interviewed in a top 10 iTunes podcast," now they'll pay attention.

And so will your potential buyers

Knowing how to get media coverage can skyrocket 🚀your beauty business and quite literally put thousands of dollars in your pocket!


But to most people, media brand exposure is like an elusive dream 💭 where you must have top-notch credentials 🏆or V.I.P.🗣 connections.

Guess what?!    You DON'T🙅‍♀️ need fancy skills or to pay a P.R. agency $5k 💸a month 💰to get featured in high esteemed outlets.

Did you know the media is in constant search 👀 of stories, insight, voices, experiences, and advice for online articles, guest blogs, podcast interviews, T.V. appearances, etc.?

Whether you want to be featured on television 📺shows, a local morning news🎥 feature, top podcasts🎙, must-read websites💻, in glossy magazines or the 📰newspaper-

This ✨Get Media Publicity ✨workshop will help you confidently pitch the media for success.

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Let's Answer Your Questions

Three reasons:

First, I wanted to make it a no-brainer price point, so that you can also have an introduction to the kind of marketing education I deliver to my students.

Second, I only want to work with beauty service professionals that are serious about improving and growing their business, so charging ensures that you have some skin in the game.

Third, by signing up for the workshop at such a low investment I'm asking for your feedback in the form of an honest (good or bad) review of the workshop. You know I will be giving it my all to make sure it is a stellar testimonial!

You get lifetime access to the workshop and all of the bonus, so that you can review it over & over again at your own pace.

I’m a beauty professional just like you, as an Aesthetician since 2001 and a Permanent Cosmetic Professional since 2005, I understand first-hand the struggles of running your own beauty business. Here’s what I know, the work that you do has the power to change lives and is important, so you shouldn’t have to do it all alone. It is my mission to empower you and other female beauty professionals to increase their income and impact, and I do that by teaching marketing strategies to get you more clients.

Beyond visibility strategies, you need systems to build your business with ease and without overwhelm. We can help you, the beauty service provider, stand out as the go-to beauty professional in your area, so that you can make higher profits while fulfilling your greater purpose with less stress.

As Seen In:

As you can see, Publicity is an absolute game-changer to boost your reputation and business growth.

➡️Publicity gets you:

⭐ Exposure for your brand,

⭐ Expanded audience reach,

⭐ Endorsements from other trusted sources & high profile people

⭐ Elevated impact


But there’s no need paying $3-5k and up to a P.R. agency when you can get the simple blueprint in this Get Media Publicity Workshop.

And don’t forget, I've put the tools & templates Bonus together so you can proceed without all the hassles, headaches of searching for hours trying to figure it all out on your own.


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  • Disclaimer: I'm not a professional publicist, journalist, or even a professional writer. (I'm sure the grammar errors & typos give that away.)😉🤣

    I'm talking zero formal qualifications. I'm a beauty professional that learned how to get lots of press for my business without spending a penny.

    It's no secret that the media NEEDS stories and ideas from regular people like you and me—I can just show you how to do it easier & faster.

    The point is, when you know how to pitch the media properly, it's MUCH more straightforward & easier than you think to get featured and leverage it to grow your business.