Episode 144: Secrets to Successful Video Messaging

Jul 03, 2023

What you will learn from this episode:

  • The three pillars of trust and key elements for your brand messaging 

  • The importance of repeating your core content and expressing your value uniquely

  • Essential topics that resonate with your audience and inspire engagement

  • Deep-dive into buyer psychology and decision-making process

  • Powerful messaging to show empathy and tackling objections


Captivating video content has emerged as a powerful method to engage audiences and drive client appointments and business growth. By understanding your audience, you can use compelling topics and storytelling to create videos that attract and help retain clients. Remember, the messaging is key. It's not just about knowing your value, but expressing it in a way that resonates with your audience. 

Unleash the Power of Video Messaging: Join me, April Meese, as I guide beauty professionals on a transformative journey to attract more clients through video content messaging, igniting the three pillars of trust and building client connection for more sales.. So tune in, learn, and get ready to take your beauty business to the next level!


Topics Covered:

[00:00:56] - The Rising Influence of Video Content

[00:04:14] - Building Trust Through Messaging

[00:08:58] - The Power of Repetition and Core Content

[00:10:54] - What Topics to Talk About & Expressing Value

[00:13:00] - Special Messaging Examples & Case Studies

[00:15:46] - Defining Your Brand Message

[00:16:41] - Understanding Buyer Psychology

[00:17:23] - Benefits of Going Live

[00:18:48] - Call to Action: Time to Go Live!


Key Takeaways:


"People buy when trust is high. Trust is three things. One, it's the trust in the service itself. So they believe that the service is the answer to their problem. The second thing is they believe that you are competent, obviously, in the service. And the third is trust in themselves. So for them, it might be that, are they making the right decision?" - April Meese


"When you are doing that many episodes and live videos and so forth, you feel like you've talked about it all, right? But here's the thing. One, new prospective clients are coming across your brand and are just finding out about this solution and are trying to get answers to their problems. And then the other thing is that sometimes you might have said it, but they need to hear it in a new or different way. They need to hear it again." - April Meese

"When people are buying, I always say that they go through this process of, Why this? Why this solution? Why you? Why should I come to you, the service provider? Why now? Why should I get this now? And then the last one, that I rarely talk about unless I'm talking to my students is Why not?" - April Meese 

"They need to know that you understand them and their problem, and so you have to talk about that more." - April Meese 

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