Episode 111: The Must Do's for Live Videos

Apr 26, 2022


What you will learn from this episode:

  • Hear about the importance of videos in growing your beauty business.
  • Learn the three P's that are essential when using video marketing to get more clients.
  • Uncover how to boost your confidence in front of the camera.
  • Discover key tips on setting up your virtual "stage" to have an impeccable viewer experience.


Are you a camera-shy beauty business owner who wants to get seen more on social media?

Are you ready to tap into the power of video to help your beauty business get more exposure and attract more clientele?


As video dominates the internet, it is difficult to deny the stats that confirm that your prospective clients consume this type of entertainment/media the most. Most people don't go a day without watching some kind of video. Yet, many beauty professionals use images as proof of their skills and a way to attract new clients to book appointments. The simple truth is that your prospective clients need to get to know you first before they can trust you for your services. What's even more compelling is live video so you can interact with your audience, and they will value your authenticity to build trust faster.

This episode will guide you through some critical video components for confidently doing video marketing to reach more clients.


Topics Covered:

01:56 – Hear how April started doing videos in 2015

03:12 – Breaking down the "3 P's" for video success

06:16 – Practical examples

08:59 – Having confidence in front of the camera

09:30 – The mistakes I've made with the second "P"

10:10 – What April learned from being on Dr. Oz TV show

11:58 – The three E's for enticing videos

14:41 – Maximize video potential 


Key Takeaways:

"Video is important for growing your business on social media and for connecting your clients in building that know, like, trust and buy factor." – April Meese

"Since the camera sucks your energy, you need a little bit more energy, have fun with it. You want your audience to enjoy it. Because we are all distracted, multitasking." – April Meese

"When you tell it in a story, people will remember it. People always love stories." – April Meese

"If you can promote, let people know that you are going live so they won't miss it." – April Meese


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